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HD video listing

HD Video Will Enhance Your Marketing Efforts!

When most agents think of video marketing, they imagine a slideshow of the pictures of their property set to music.

Fotosold’s video marketing raises the bar and by providing you with a beautiful high definition video to market your client’s listings. They are a great tool to get more luxury listings.

Whether you’re new to video marketing, or have used video marketing in the past, let our HD video product help you market your client’s listings more effectively.

Check out the sample below for one of our clients or call us at (844) 883-2483 for more information. You can also book your photo or video shoot on our website at www.fotosold.com.

About Fotosold Real Estate Photography

Fotosold is a professional real estate photography company serving New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the surrounding areas,Chicago, Illinois, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Visit our website to order your next professional real estate photo shoot or call us at (844) 883-2483 for more information.