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Night Photography Creates Beautiful Marketing Photos


Our Night Photography packages are all the rage right now!

Every customer that’s ordered them has been absolutely thrilled with the results. And their clients are too!

Night photography adds amazing marketing potential to your listing photos. It is guaranteed to make your photos stand out on any listing website. More visibility means more potential buyers seeing your listing, more listing clients, and faster sales. Check out some examples from our recent clients below or call us at
(844) 883-2483 for more information.

You can book your next photo shoot, including a night photo shoot, on our website at

We Create Beautiful Photos…Rain or Shine!

Don’t let the potential for rain cause you to reschedule your photo shoot! Fotosold’s professional editing team applies blue sky editing to all photos (rain or shine), so your photos will look amazing even if it’s overcast outside.

As always, we greatly appreciate your business and let us know how we can assist with your marketing efforts.

About Fotosold Real Estate Photography

Fotosold is a professional real estate photography company serving New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the surrounding areas,Chicago, Illinois, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Visit our website to order your next professional real estate photo shoot or call us at (844) 883-2483 for more information.

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